Started A Year Ago

I do not have a fancy film camera or use great film, an old Nikon N6006 and Kodak BW400CN film are what I use, but I really do love shooting film. It helps me slow down my mind and really think about what I want to remember. These 22 exposures are from 2 rolls that I shot over the last year - the other 26 were duplicate/similar shots, out of focus, didn't develop correctly or just plain sucked. The first was taken November 9, 2009 and the last being taken just yesterday. When I grow up, I plan on having a fancy film camera and using great film. Until then, I'll keep doing what I do. All shots were taken with a 50mm f/1.8 or 28-75mm f/2.8.
A little about these shots - My friend Nancy debating if a tattoo was the right choice....Love that lady. A Santa Fe museum roof line on a cold winter day. Java Joe's tea selection, my milk and Marcus smiling and waiting for his breakfast.
The next 9 shots are from the Dia de los Muertos parade from Sunday. That Grandma was eyeballing me as I walked up on her right and swiveled her head as I walked by. She knew I was trying to get her pic and glared. Shot from my hip and kinda like what I got. 
The last 8 shots are what I took to waste the film so I could see my DDLM shots and actually holds my favorite from the 2 rolls. The first of these was a mistake and is my favorite. The shots of the car and bicyclist was taken as I drove while sticking the camera out the window and snapping - the accidental angle makes it for me.
Thanks & Enjoy

Extra Credit at Coronado State Monument

Marcus & I headed out Saturday morning for some extra credit for his NM History class at Coronado State Monument. It was a little chilly but was nice to be out and walking around with my camera....Haven't done that much lately. As we walked toward our first exhibit, we hear "Hi Marcus" being yelled from atop the kiva. I look over and three girls are waving at Marcus. He waves and we continue to walk to the first exhibit. Marcus takes some notes about the exhibit and says to me "You can stay here and take some pictures, I'm gonna go to the kiva."  :)

 We start with some detail shots of a traditional adobe hut and a conquistador's helmet. I want me a helmet like that. Next we have a pit firing from Ulysses Reid, potter from Zia Pueblo. It was cool to see the unveiling and how happy he was with the pieces. They were gorgeous and after cleaning will be a light to dark pumpkin color. The water jug in the first photo goes for about $480. Lastly is William ?, a blacksmith from Bernalillo. Here he is making a nail and some detail shots of his tools and workbench.

High Desert Rugby Classic

 Yesterday we had a little time to waste so Julie, Marcus and I headed over to Bullhead park to watch some of the High Desert Rugby Classic. We had never seen any live so we thought it might be cool....We were pleasantly surprised - it was the coolest sport I have seen live. The hits were hard and the fact that we could sit up close was a plus. Wish now that we had stayed a little longer to watch a little more. Here are a few of the ones I liked.

Hope to get posting here more real soon....Have tons of shots to put up. Take Care

My First Time

My first paid gig was on March 18, 2008. It was for Chris Sandoval, owner of Artisans Of The Desert. Chris is a local fine furniture designer and wood craftsman. He needed some images for a website for the business and I had been recommended to him by FosterMilo - the folks building the site.

As it was my first time shooting for money, I was kinda nervous. When I shoot for pay, I am expecting the client to demand a high quality product and I want to supply them that. I was in-and-out of there in less than 30 minutes and realized I worried for no reason - Chris was great and did everything as I asked of him. Since then, I have come to understand that when you are behind a camera you have control like no other time in your can tell a person to move here or move there, tilt your this way or that way, smile a little less or a little more and they will do it.

I no longer get nervous but was a little frustrated on my last shoot when I thought my camera had malfunctioned and said the "F" word in church - with the priest standing behind me. Forgive me Father for I have sinned.

People I Didn't Know

About 6 months ago I had a dream that I found a Leica at the flea market for $7.00....every other month since then we have went in hopes of landing a shark. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything that caught my interest. 

Today I did find a shoebox full of old photographs that immediately got my attention. There were some super cool images in the box of 60 or so and the owner wanted .50cents a piece. He took $8.00 for the whole box. I have collected old snapshots for a little while now but by far these are the best I have found.....Not sure who took some of these but I do love em - especially the portrait of the blonde lady looking out the window with great window light and the one of the gentleman and two ladies in wool coats.

Here are some of my favorites and who they are.....collecting snapshots of people I don't know is kinda weird but that's me :)

James Isaac
Donald Smith at Mack Ranch
Maude & Oliver Goodman
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Bill & Emma Jane
Frank, Etta, Ollie, Lula & Bessie Kepple
Ed, Bessie & Ada Bill
Ollie & George Burruss & Family
Unknown Alcoholic & Wife :)
Donald Smith
Bessie Bill
Leland Smith
Clara Kepple Smith 1888
Aunt Annie Kenyon
Lam & Harriett Ritter